7 in ’17 – Facial Treatment Sale

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Smooth and Simple 7 in 17

The Facial Treatment Sale

Got a resolution to look better in 2017? Your skin can often be neglected, but it is a reflection of how your body is feeling.

But what if you can cheat? What if you can get great looking skin without having to start a drastic new healthy eating plan? What if you can look your best sooner rather than later.

Our Facial Treatment Sale is a chance to start afresh and get your skin glowing again.

We’ve selected 7 amazing deals for ’17, simply;

  1. Choose your preferred treatment (or find out more information by clicking the treatment name)
  2. Buy your offer either in-clinic or online
  3. Start your journey to great skin

Some details

  1. Deals run until 31 Jan 2017
  2. Treatments may be banked for future use
  3. Deals are refundable if you are unsuitable for treatment
  4. Clicking buy now will take you to Paypal, but you don’t need a paypal account to by, there is an option to pay with your card available

If you’re not sure which treatment is best for you, just give us a call and we will be happy to advise on your options, you can even pop in for a chat before buy

Facial Skin Tightening

Buy One Get One Free on Facial Skin Tightening treatments – you can buy as many as you like

We combine the latest radio frequency technology that remodels your collagen layer and LED light to regenerate your collagen to give you skin smoothing, lifting and tightening

Full Face & Neck

Targeted Area (Eyes & Cheeks or Jawline & Mouth or Neck)

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Half Price on a 6 Treatment Course

We start with a microbermabrasion to cleanse the skin, and then apply powerful IPL light to stimulate collagen, clear your complexion and promote new skin cell growth

Under Eye Fillers

£200 off

Under eye fillers are a VERY specialist treatment, so much so, they are only carried out by our Surgeon and not our Nurse.

We can reduce puffiness and dark eye circles and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles instantly and painlessly

Skin Clear Skin Exfoliation

6 For the Price of 3

Imagine the best skin exfoliation you could ever have. Skin Clear is just that. It combines microdermabrasion and zero downtime mandelic peels to leave your skin instantly soft and glowing

A course will totally resurface your skin for longer lasting results

Red Facial Vein Removal

£100 off

Ever had an annoying red vein appear near the surface of your skin? Most commonly on the nose and tops of cheeks. We have a great 2 step treatment that zaps them instantly, painlessly

LED & Hydrogel Mask Treatment

6 For The Price of 3

A celebrity favourite (Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian) so come and see what the fuss is about

We apply LED light to rejuvenate your skin and an ultra-hydrating hydrogel mask to get hydration deep into your skin using micro-currents

This is the height of indulgence for your skin

Teosyal Lip Fillers

Save £30

Instant painless filler lips. Need we say more!