Aesthetic Treatment Workshops

Aesthetic Treatments are a huge growth area in aesthetic medicine, and these aesthetic treatment workshops are designed to get you more confident with a greater range of treatments by tapping into the experience gained by your mentor, so you can add those lessons to your practice.

Workshops are;

  • A focused 3 hour session designed to be an open forum to discuss your issues and concerns, learn best practice, advanced applications, and how to handle a whole range of things that may go wrong
  • A maximum of 3 attendees only, so your time is better used and you can delve deeper than in any other coaching/training programmes
  • Designed to have no set format so that the content is built around you and your questions
  • Pre-workshop questionnaire to draw out the main topics for the forum discussion so that you know your questions will be answered
  • Run by a Surgeon who has at 20 years of experience in the aesthetic industry and has performed many many treatments of all types
  • Only £499 for the session

Aesthetic Treatment Workshop Plus

The chance to speak to an experienced aesthetic practitioner is one that is rare and one to be valued, but what if you can get even more out of your time with them?

Workshops Plus are;

  • A chance to get your mentor working for YOU
  • About giving them key topics to research further and delve into more depth while you use the knowledge you have gained from the workshop
  • Designed to give you enhanced knowledge and experience
  • The normal workshop plus 60 minutes follow up at a pre-agreed time over the phone to cover your topics of choice
  • Only £599 for the enhanced workshop

Aesthetic Treatment Mentoring Also Available – Please Contact Us for details and costs