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A great value for money laser hair removal experience

Imagine the smoothest laser hair removal experience you could ever have, where your treatments are quick, prices are low, and you become hair-free sooner… We have a new way to give you smooth feeling skin.

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Delivering Smooth Skin

We use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to remove your hair PERMANENTLY*!

*some regrowth is possible after 7-10 years

We are about convenience, ease, and transparency;

  • Clear transparent, and low pricing – no extras
  • Book a consultation directly online – no contact forms
  • Latest generation machine to give results sooner
  • Large treatment head for faster and better treatments

Large Head = Better Treatments

We use a system that comes with a unique 22cm applicator head, so we can cover a bigger areas with a single shot.

That’s good because you get much more comfort during treatment (IPL is much better for treatment comfort anyway and this makes the treatment far more tolerable), and your treatments are shorter, so you can get back to your normal schedule sooner rather that being in for hours of treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Testimonial - Smooth and Simple

*results may vary from person to person

Our Aesthetic Therapist

Is here to get your skin as smooth and it can be.She is dedicated to using her experience to find the right solution for you. She does microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, laser treatments, facial skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, acne & stretch mark treatments and UV skin analysis. You will notice that she has so much more knowledge than identi-kit therapists in other clinics

32 Years

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Check out our great guide and see how the science of laser hair removal just stacks up

Laser Hair Removal in Manchester - Book Your Patch Test Online

Not Sure What The Fuss Is About?

Laser Hair Removal Manchester Smooth and Simple Review

*results may vary from person to person

Smooth and Simple Believe…

Smooth and Simple Believe in;

  • Convenience – Open at the most convenient times to suit your busy lifestyle
  • Ease – The easy web experience will make booking your laser hair removal completely painless
  • Value For Money – Simple pricing offering the best value for money treatments you will find anywhere. You pay for your treatments straight away, with no hidden extras

Laser Hair Removal in Manchester - Book Your Patch Test Online

How It Works

You can book a FREE consultation by clicking “Book Now” above for more advice and information and a detailed assessment, or if you already know what you want, you can buy your laser hair removal credits now.

Here’s how it works…

  • 1 Credit = 1 Session for 1 Area

  • Decide how many areas you want and how many sessions (you can always add more credits later)

  • 1 Credit gives you max 15 minutes treatment time, more than enough for any single area

  • Buy your credits and give us a call to book your treatment in

Laser Hair Removal Prices Using The Credit System

Professional treatments at salon prices

Areas are: Beard, Bikini Complete, Bikini Extended, Bikini Line, Buttocks, Centre Brow, Cheeks, Chest, Chin, Eyebrows, Feet, Forehead, Half Arms, Hands, Jawline, Lower Back, Lower Legs, Navel to Pubis, Neck, Shoulders, Stomach, Under Arms, Upper Back, Upper Legs, Upper Lip

6 Sessions for 162

8 Sessions for 216

10 Sessions for 270

6 Sessions for 300

8 Sessions for 400

10 Sessions for 460

6 Sessions for 414

8 Sessions for 483

10 Sessions for 570

6 Sessions for 504

8 Sessions for 608

10 Sessions for 760

6 Sessions for 570

8 Sessions for 760

10 Sessions for 950

6 Sessions for 684

8 Sessions for 912

10 Sessions for 1140

Single Treatment Areas

All 1 Credit

For 1 TreatmentBeard
Bikini Complete
Bikini Extended
Bikini Line
Centre Brow
Half Arms
Lower Back
Lower Legs
Navel to Pubis
Under Arms
Upper Back
Upper Legs
Upper Lip

Choose you number of credits

For Example: If you want Bikini Line + Under Arms + Upper Lip = 3 credits per session x course of 6 sessions = 18 Credits @ 414 total price


If you want Chest + Stomach = 2 Credits per session x course of 6 sessions = 12 Credits @ 300 total price

Laser Hair Removal Testimonial - Smooth and Simple