IPL For Rosacea Redness & Flushing

Control Redness In Your Face With IPL

Facial redness can be embarrassing, you don’t know what triggers it, and even if you do, you can’t control it. With the simple application of IPL for Rosacea Redness Laser Treatments, you can now control the factors that cause facial redness and stop those embarrassing bouts that catch you out.

Redness in your face is caused by a surge of blood to the tiny blood vessels just under the surface of your skin. Normally, there vessels help you control your temperature when you do things like exercise (flushing). On occasions, there are other triggers like an allergy, or specific triggers like embarrassment.

After time, these same vessels can become enlarged and make your skin stay red for prolonged periods, or even become spider veins. There is help at hand…

How Does IPL Work?

IPL for Rosacea Redness & Flushing treats the blood vessels by applying light energy that is attracted to the red in your blood cells (haemaglobin). This light energy heats up the tiny blood vessels very quickly and sharply, and that destroys the lining of the vessels. Once that happens, and that is a normal process in your body, the body removes the destroyed vessel leaving nothing in its place, and reducing the redness.

How Many Treatments?

Typically people see some improvement after just one treatment, but it is advisable for you to have a course of 6 treatments usually to get a good overall reduction in the amount of redness you get.

Is it Any Good?

A simple internet search will throw up many forums where real patients and practitioners alike have been praising IPL Laser Treatments for their effectiveness in treating facial redness… have a look for yourself

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How Much Is IPL For Rosacea Redness?

Course of 6 Treatments

Full Course



4 Direct Debits



Monthly Plan

You can get a course of 6 treatments for 4 equal payments of £149

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