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Non-Surgical Liquid Face Lift

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By choosing the right fillers for the amount of time you want your non surgical liquid face lift to last, our Surgeon can give you great results you want without the downtime or the recovery time. You can see a result instantly!

In a Non Surgical Liquid Face Lift, or 8 Point Face Lift, dermal fillers are used to treat smile lines, naso-labial folds, the jowels and your cheekbones to restore a natural V shape that you had in your younger days. That natural V is one that gives you a youthful look.

Non Surgical Liquid Face Lift Treatment Plans

You choose how long you want your result to last up to, and we choose the right fillers to help you achieve that look. There are times when you need top ups, and we can top up single areas at any time you like… you’re in control.

We use 3-5 ml of dermal fillers to give you results, and the exact amount is decided when you come to see our Surgeon. More isn’t always best, let a cosmetic surgeon of 30 years experience guide you for the best, and most natural looking results.

Non Surgical Face Lift with us

  • All treatments by our Cosmetic Surgeon with over 35 years of experience. Our Guests keep coming back to us because of the trusted advice and great results
  • That experience means you are paying for someone who knows how to give you the results YOU want, because anyone can fill your face, an expert sculpts… like an artist
  • We use only the safest and most reliable products that we know last
  • See Instant Results with no recovery time or waiting around for the results
  • A 2 stage approach means you can tweak your results on your second visit
  • Great value for money when compared with prices upwards of £6,500 for surgery, which needs to be repeated in 8-10 years

The 2 Stage Non Surgical Liquid Face Lift

The non surgical liquid face lift will give you dramatic results, so we do the treatment over 2 stagesso you are in control of the final result and can tweak it as you like. The first stage is the lower & upper face to give the classical v shape, and we then invite you back a second time to fine tune the treatment with top up injections…. to finish the treatment according to your needs!

Our Guests say it’s the best filler experience they’ve ever had!

Our Dermal Filler Range, Choose From…

The cornerstone of a non surgical face lift is the dermal filler. We use safe, proven dermal fillers that are FDA approved. There are so many on the market, but we make sure they meet the Gold Standard for Dermal Fillers… all of the fillers we use have been on the market for many years and we have injected them many times. This makes sure the products are safe for you so you don’t have to worry about anything else and concentrate on getting great results

Restyle Lasting up to 9 Months Radiesse Lasting up to 18 Months


Your First Steps With Non Surgical Face Lift…

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Lasting Up To 9 Months



Lasting Up To 18 Months

* Surgery can cost upwards of £6,000


Our Surgeon

Has been injecting for decades and carries out all injections including advanced treatments such as advanced anti-wrinkle injections, Non Surgical Nose Reshaping, Under Eye Fillers. He also carries out advanced skin peels and derma roller treatments. His specialities are the Non Surgical Nose Job and Dermal Fillers

35 Years

Our Nurse

Carries out all injections including anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers, as well as derma roller treatments and skin peels. She also advises on skin care and non invasive treatments such as facial skin tightening and skin rejuvenation. Her specialities are anti-wrinkle injections and Lip Fillers

16 years

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Radiesse Dermal Fillers at Smooth and Simple

Radiesse Dermal Fillers at Smooth and Simple

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