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Add An LED Mask Session To Your Skin Treatments

Have you heard about LED Masks? They’re all the rage at the moment, and we’ve got our hands on one!

They are the beauty secret of celebs like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba, and have been on The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

What Is An LED Mask?

An LED Mask is a way for your skin to be exposed to the therapeutic benefits of different kinds of light.

By putting the LEDs in a mask, we can control the distance and also the time effectively for maximum benefits

How Does It Work?

Different types of light or good for different applications. Our mask has 3 modes;

Red Light – for stimulating collagen production to give you softer, supple, and tighter skin

Blue Light – anti-bacterial light to kill off acne bacteria and other surface nasties

Combination Light – for general skin rejuvenation

Who Is It Good For?

A session on LED mask is good for everyone and there are very few people who can’t have it

It’s best as part of another treatment, but we are going to launch a whole new type of treatment soon – Watch this space

How Can I Have An LED Mask?

We are currently using the LED Mask as an add on treatment for just £19 – lasting 20 minutes.

You can have it at the end of your microdermabrasion, or mandelic skin peel, or Ultimate Facial Treatment, or Skin Clear Skin Exfoliation.

You can also add it on after your monthly acne scar treatments or active acne treatments

If You Want To Add It To Your Next Treatment…

Or speak to Natasha when you are next in clinic