Remove Acne Scars

Remove Acne Scars at Smooth and Simple

You’ve got your acne under control, and that seemed to be the end of it, but then, as the spots clear, you’re faced with the damage that’s been done to your skin.

Acne itself is a deep skin problem that goes down to the follicles and pores, and most acne treatments are harsh on the skin. So you get left with a combination of hard tough skin, pitted scars and larger crater scars. Here’s how to best remove acne scars…

Treatments To Removal Acne Scars That Adapt With Your Skin

In truth, it is hard to find the “magic bullet” remedy. We wish we could, because we’ve seen how much acne scarring affects people in their daily lives. Its a battle to cover up the scars as best as possible.

So we’ve developed an adaptive Acne Scar Removal plan that changes as your scars change. Each treatment will build on the last and give you lasting changes one step at a time.

We combine 5 incredibly powerful treatments, into one treatment plan… and the choice of treatment is down to the discussions you have with our Aesthetic Therapist. You will feel completely in control of your acne scar removal.

Your Next Steps To Acne Scar-Free Skin

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The Acne Scar Removal Treatments

We apply these great Treatments to your acne scars; (in order of strength)

  • Intense Pulse Light Treatments – IPL treatments are used to remove any colour from your acne scars like redness or dark patches, and also boost your collagen so any new skin cells have plenty of nourishment and this improves the overall quality of your skin
  • Microdermabrasion – Skin smoothing microdermabrasion evens out the scars and smooths your skin leaving it softer feeling and the crater scars a shallower
  • Mandelic Acid Skin Peels – Mandelic Acid Peels are mild skin peels that reduce pore size and resurface your skin, meaning that you have less deep scars and fresher skin coming to the surface quicker
  • Derma Roller – An active treatment that aggressively breaks down scar tissue to release the skin thta it is holding on to. You can rapidly improve scars with dermaroller, but you need the skin to be conditioned with other treatments first – we use therapist grade derma rollers for moderate plans and surgeon grade derma rollers for deep plans
  • TCA Skin Peels – TCA skin peels are the hallmark treatment and the most extreme scar solution. It is done by a Surgeon only, and reserved for sever scarring. The deep peel completely resurfaces your skin and leaves your skin free-er from scars sooner

Our Aesthetic Therapist

Is here to get your skin as smooth and it can be.She is dedicated to using her experience to find the right solution for you. She does microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, laser treatments, facial skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, acne & stretch mark treatments and UV skin analysis. You will notice that she has so much more knowledge than identi-kit therapists in other clinics

32 Years
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How Does The Acne Scars Removal Plan Work?

It depends on the degree of acne scarring you have; Mild, Moderate, Severe. That gives us a starting point to work from, but there’s a great little twist…

We start you on the acne scar removal plan with 2 treatments a month and keep you on that. You pay us monthly with no minimum term commitment, and that’s the great part.

Each person’s acne scars are unique, so to bracket you into one of 3 categories is both difficult and foolish. So we start you off on a plan that between us we feel is right, and if your scars get better, well we just stop treatments and your payments stop too.

How good is that – no unnecessary treatments, not large upfront costs and not minimum commitment.

We can also easily move you from one level to another as you find the need or become suitable for other treatments to accelerate results.

Acne Scar Removal Treatment Plans Treatment and Costs

Mild Scars


Per MonthUse of; IPL Treatments, Mandelic Skin Peels, Microdermabrasions

Moderate Scars


Per MonthUse of; Microdermabrasions, IPL Treatments, Therapist Grade Dermarollers, Mandelic Peels

Deep Scars


Per MonthUse of; IPL Treatments, Microdermabrasions, Surgeon Grade Dermarollers, TCA Skin Peels