Fat and Cellulite Reduction at Smooth and Simple

Fat and Cellulite Reduction

Is there a stubborn area of fat that just won’t go? Does cellulite stop you from enjoying your holidays? The Fat and Cellulite Reduction treatment we’re could just be the perfect solution.

You can banish those small pockets of fat around the belly button, waist line, inner or outer thighs and even your knees.

You can also reduce that unsightly mottled and dimply cellulite look by tightening the skin in that area.

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How do we reduce cellulite and fat?

A combination of ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency both destroys fat cells and tightens the skin so that you get visible results and notice the area looks more toned and smoother.

Small fatty deposits like around the belly button and the waist can be sculpted to restore your natural shape.

While the skin is tightened to remove that mottled dimply effect you get from cellulite.

The treatment is painless and should give visible results from your first treatment.

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Fat and Cellulite Reduction Treatment Video

Here is the best video we found of the treatment to give you an idea of what to expect when you have each session…

Video Credit: Embellish Skin Care Studio, Georgia, USA

Who is this Fat and Cellulite Reduction Treatment Suitable For?

This treatment is perfect to treat stubborn small areas of fatty deposits that you can commonly get on the stomach, around the waist and also the thighs and knees.

It is designed for mild to moderate fatty areas.

It is most definitely not a substitute for volume weight loss, but rather a way to sculpt and shape the areas treated.

By reducing the fatty areas, we can also combat cellulite because we can even out the underlying fat so that the dimple effect is reduced and when the skin is tightened using radio frequency, you remove the uneven mottled effect as well.

How long do results last?

If you generally follow a healthy lifestyle, there is no reason these results cannot be permanent, but can vary from person to person on how long they last

That means regular exercise and a healthy diet. This is why the treatment is ideal for localised fatty deposits.

Some people find that a regular maintenance session every 4-6months is a good way to keep on top of results.

Cellulite is more likely to come back because the same unevenness in the underlying fatty layer can come back sooner. So if maintenance treatments are needed, they are usually needed every 3 months

* results vary from person to person

How does the fat and cellulite reduction treatment course work?

We use 2 technologies to reduce the fat, and tighten the skin.

Fat reduction is done using ultrasonic cavitation. This treatment passes ultrasound waves into the fat cells, causing them to vibrate and break down.

Broken down fat cells are then absorbed by your body and gotten rid of.

The skin is then tightened using radio frequency. This treatment causes the collagen to shrink which pulls the skin with it.

Treatments are usually 1-2 weeks apart.

Does it hurt?

The treatment is completely painless. The only thing you will notice is that there is a constant slightly high pitched whine from the Ultrasound handpiece.

You get this while it is breaking the fat down. It is manageble but you will notice it is constant.

Fat and Cellulite Reduction Results

You should see a tightening and inch loss from your first treatment. We take measurements before and after every treatment.

The treatment is still best done as a course to get lasting results, but it is important to us that you see a benefit within a couple of treatments.

Cellulite and Fat Reduction Pricing

6 Treatment Mini Course

Stomach & Flanks or Upper Arms or Inner & Outer Thighs or Buttocks


Per Month (3 Months)
  • Single Trial Treatment £159
  • Pre-Paid Course £599
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Knees & Knee Cap Skin Tightening (Using Radio Frequency setting only)


Per Month (3 Months)
  • Single Trial Treatment £79
  • Pre-Paid Course £299
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12 Treatment Full Course

All 12 session courses come with 3 top up treatments included, one treatment every 3 months

Stomach & Flanks or Upper Arms or Inner & Outer Thighs or Buttocks


Per Month (3 Months)
  • Single Trial Treatment £159
  • Pre-Paid Course £999
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Knees & Knee Cap Skin Tightening (Using Radio Frequency setting only)


Per Month (3 Months)
  • Single Trial Treatment £79
  • Pre-Paid Course £499
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Learn More About Fat and Cellulite Reduction

This treatment is ideal for people who are in reasonable shape but have a few pockets of hard to shift fat, or stubborn cellulite.

So things like muffin top, love handles, bingo wings, saggy knees are all treatable as well as cellulite in all these areas plus the thighs and buttocks

If you are already looking after your body, it will respond to the treatments quicker and more predictably.

Generally, if your skin and you are healthy, we can treat you.

This treatment is not for volume fat reduction

The treatment is generally relaxing and you just lie there while our Aesthetic Therapist does the work.

The cavitation treatment can feel a bit warm as the fat melts, and you will hear a constant whine from the machine as the ultrasound waves flow through your body. It is not uncomfortable at all

The radio frequency treatment is a large hexagonal handpiece that is applied in a rolling motion all over the treatment area

We use ultrasound gel over the area to be treated

We recommend you drink plenty of water during your course. It will help your body flush out the melted fat cells

Drink 1.5 – 2 litres of water in the couple of days after your treatment
If you get any side effects, they usually are a bit of redness and soreness around the area we have treated, and these usually disappear withing a few days at the most.

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