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A Mandelic Acid Peel is the Gold Star facial peel because it is suitable for ALL skin types, carrying no risk of burning or pigmentation problems, and no downtime

You will reap the benefits of this peel for weeks after your treatment have finished. Each peel goes deep into your skin so that your new skin cells are bursting with hydration. As you shed your dead skin cells, your fresh new plump skin cells will reveal themselves.

Why Have A Mandelic Acid Peel?

  • No Downtime
  • No Redness
  • Fit it into your lunchtime
  • Same results as stronger peels
  • Suitable for ALL skin types & tones – something no other skin peel can offer

Mandelic Acid Peels are great for clearing pores as it doesn’t just clear them, it closes them so they don’t get blocked again.

By exfoliating the skin and getting deep into it, and so speeding up skin cell turnover, new skin cells are made much, much quicker and as they move to the surface they make your skin look brand new.

As the days go by, the healthy skin cells will make their way to the surface, your skin literally look better every day and you don’t even have to do anything!

For Best Results

  • A course of 6 hourly treatments is usually recommended because the peel are milder
  • Combine with the microdermabrasion, as the Mandelic facial gets deep into the skin, the microdermabrasion works on the surface stripping away the older skin cells

Our Aesthetic Therapist

Is here to get your skin as smooth and it can be.She is dedicated to using her experience to find the right solution for you. She does microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, laser treatments, facial skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, acne & stretch mark treatments and UV skin analysis. You will notice that she has so much more knowledge than identi-kit therapists in other clinics

32 Years

Mandelic Skin Peel Prices




Course of 6



*compare that with £899 for the equivalent 6 Surgical Peels

What It Treats

Good For

• Dry skin
• Combination Skin
• Oily Skin
• Hormonal Breakouts
• Sun Damaged Skin
• Ageing Skin
• Dehydrated Skin
• Dull Skin
• Pigmentation
• Acne
• Blocked Pores and Blackheads

Not Good For

• Sensitive Skin
• Redness

Your First Steps With Mandelic Acid Skin Peels

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