Painless Tattoo Removal

Want to get rid of a tattoo but worried about the pain? Our Painless Tattoo Removal is the solution for you.

With treatments from only £60, removing your tattoo has never been easier.

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Why Have Your Tattoo Removed By Us?

  • We have an expert INSURED technician
  • The treatment is painless
  • Removal is colour independent, whereas Laser depends on colour
  • 6 x more effective than Laser treatments
  • You need less sessions than with laser
  • Did we mention it’s painless!
  • Saturday Consultations and Treatments

Before and After Pictures

Painless Tattoo Removal at Smooth and Simple

The pictures explained…

  1. The original Tattoo
  2. The tattoo a week after treatment – the crust contains the tattoo pigment
  3. The treated area after one month – there is still a good amount of redness
  4. This is the tattoo after about 5 months after all the treatments have been completed

Your Tattoo

Your tattooist would have used an oxide based pigment like iron oxide, chromium oxide or titanium dioxide to tattoo your. The needle simply opens up your skin to allow this pigment to be placed at the right level.

Tattoo pigment is an inorganic substance (one that can’t be broken down by the body) and the pigment size means that the body can’t eject the pigment particles from your skin. Too small and the immune system removes the pigment, and too large and the skin ejects the pigment. So the trick is to get the pigment size just right. Hence why tattoos fade over time.

How Does Painless Tattoo Removal Work?

Our Tattoo Removal works by chemically bonding with the oxide pigment in your skin. This makes the pigment much larger and the skin naturally starts to eject the tattoo. So it is a natural process, but the substance that is put into your tattoo is what does the work by lifting the tattoo out by making the pigment size large enough.

The actual treatment feels just like having a tattoo itself.

Does It Really Not Hurt?

We use a local anaesthetic cream to numb the area, so you don;t feel a thing, and there is no pain afterwards, so it really is painless.

Does It Work?

A cosmetic dermatology trial showed a 92% effectiveness of this treatment. Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes as well as pigment, so there are no guarantees, but most people leave happy with the results.

Will I be Left With A Scar?

Any treatment where you pierce the skin carries a risk of scarring. There is a likelihood of the tattoo to be replaced with a darker or lighter scar. It may be raised, or hollow, but it won’t be as bad as other tattoo removal treatments such as laser, which carry a risk of burning as well.

Can All Pigments Be Removed?

Yes. This method doesn’t act on the colour like laser, but on the chemical substance used for the tattoo, that’s why it works so well.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Treatments take 30-60 minutes.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Treated areas on average need 3-4 treatments, but you can get removal within 2. Large areas are broken down into smaller patches so your skin can tolerate the treatment, so these do take longer.

How Often Can I have Treatment?

You have a treatment every 8-10 weeks to allow your skin to heal and remove the pigment naturally. Think about it this way, how soon after your first tattoo would you have had a tattoo on the same area again? Your skin needs time to recover.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Small patches will disappear after the first treatment, as the pigment is carried out of the skin. So for small tattoos, you can see almost complete removal after 2 treatments. Larger tattoos take longer because the area has to be broken down into tolerable sizes.

Am I Suitable?

Generally, if you had the tattoo without any issues, you can have this treatment. We do not treat anyone pregnant or breastfeed, and people with darker skin types are more prone to scarring. So, while you aren’t excluded from treatment, we will advise you of this at consultation.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no lasting side effects. You may notice the area treated is slightly redder than surrounding areas for a few months, but this will subside.

Is It Better Than Laser Tattoo Removal?

We believe so because it can be used on all colours to the same effect, it isn’t full, and is 6 times quicker. Which would you prefer?

Can I Have It After Laser Treatment?

You need to wait 8-12 weeks before we can treat you, and the results can be varied. The laser can affect the chemical composition of the pigment, and so our substance won;t react like it would with normal pigment. It will work to some degree, but not completely.

How Much Does Painless Tattoo Removal Cost?

Patch Size

1 inch x 1 inch

2 inches x 1 inch

3 inches x 1 inch

2 inches x 2 inches

3 inches x 2 inches

3 inches x 3 inches

1 Session







Course of 3







Course of 6







Larger tattoos are broken down into patches so that your skin can recover and tolerate the treatments

What Next?

Book a Call Back to discuss your particular tattoo. We then need to do a consultation, which costs just £25, where we can give you a detailed quote and get your test patch carried out. Treatment can then start within a week.


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