Tear Trough Treatment Using Under Eye Fillers

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Tear Trough Treatment and Under Eye Fillers at Smooth and Simple

A Brand New Tear Trough Treatment that gives you all the benefits of under eye fillers but gives more natural looking and longer lasting results.

The tear trough and under eye hollows are notoriously difficult to treat because you have a couple of main issues in this area; there is thin skin which carries less collagen and can look sunken and sometimes have a dark shadow, and the tear trough area is full of some pretty important circulation vessels that carry blood, lymph and fluid.

Normally, there is a higher chance of getting lumpiness when injecting fillers in this area and those lumps can be visible because the skin is so thin, and until the filler is broken down, you’re stuck.

Now, with this brand new approach, we use a much “runnier” filler that attracts moisture to it. This helps you plump the area naturally, and also improve the skin texture from within.

You end up with really natural results, and no lumpiness.

How The Tear Trough Treatment Works

The microdroplets of Hyaluronic Acid (a substance that occurs naturally in your skin) are injected into the intermediate layers of your under eye skin, and they attract hydration and moisture. That in turn boosts elasticity and firmness without adding to the overall volume.

You get a plumping effect that isn’t lumpy for a more natural look.

We inject these microdroplets in a really precise pattern to give the best look but give the most hydration boost,and treatments are painless.

Tear Trough Treatments With Us

  • Our Guests keep coming back to us because of the trusted advice and great results
  • That experience means you are paying for someone who knows how to give you the results YOU want, because anyone can fill your wrinkles, an expert sculpts your face… like an artist
  • We use only the safest and most reliable fillers
  • Satisfaction Guarantee because we include top ups – always
  • Very competitive prices for treatments
  • Surgery can be upwards of £3,000

Tear Trough Treatment Prices

Top Ups Always Included With Dermal Fillers

We always include a top up with dermal filler treatments because you get a great opportunity to fine tune and tweak your result. Our Injector gives you approaching 85-90% of the final result and you get to live with the result for a couple of weeks. We then invite you back to finish the treatment where you will have a much better idea of exactly where you want the top up injection to be…. according to your needs!

Our Guests say it’s the best filler experience they’ve ever had!

Our Surgeon

Has been injecting for decades and carries out all injections including advanced treatments such as advanced anti-wrinkle injections, Non Surgical Nose Reshaping, Under Eye Fillers. He also carries out advanced skin peels and derma roller treatments. His specialities are the Non Surgical Nose Job and Dermal Fillers

35 Years

Our Nurse

Carries out all injections including anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers, as well as derma roller treatments and skin peels. She also advises on skin care and non invasive treatments such as facial skin tightening and skin rejuvenation. Her specialities are anti-wrinkle injections and Lip Fillers

16 years

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