Ear Surgery

Ear Reshaping and Ear Lobe Reduction at Smooth and Simple, ManchesterFeel confident again and be yourself with ear reshaping

What is an Otoplasty?

At Smooth and Simple, our experienced Plastic Surgeon can perform a plethora of procedures to correct many problems with your ears.

If you have protruding ears, large ears, misshapen ear lobes, or would just like your ears reshaped, then this procedure is ideal for you.

Ear Surgery

The techniques employed by our Plastic Surgeons ensure you get minimal bruising and more importantly minimal scarring. This means your results are more pleasing aesthetically, and by performing the surgery using minimally invasive techniques means that any scarring is restricted to creases within your ear, and hence less visible.

The techniques also mean that your ear recovery period runs smoother, and you get very limited downtime, which means you are able to resume day-to-day activities sooner rather than later. You can even see the results instantly on the day of your procedure.

Our Medical Director, says “When you pin someone’s ears back, something magical happens… their real personality shines through! I found that my patients could now face the world with renewed confidence and they were better for it. Of course, that relies on having an excellent surgeon, and when I was putting the Medical Team together, their results spoke for themselves.”

Ear Lobe Reduction

Imagine getting your earlobes reduced in a matter of an hour as a day case? Our ear lobe reduction procedure is simple and effective and can reduce the overall size of your ear lobes no matter what the reason; ear tunnels, stretched piercing, or just naturally large ear lobes.

A procedure that is only £699 all inclusive!

Stretched Ear Correction

Just like with earlobe reduction, we can reduce the size of a piercing which you may have stretched due to an accident, or just years of wearing heavy earrings or having ear tunnels in.

£699 is all you need to restore your piercing and feel confident about wearing all types of earrings again, or being ready for that new job.

Why Choose Us For Your Ear Pinning?

  • We only use leading Surgeons with lots of experience
  • Have your procedure as a day case

The Smooth and Simple Philosophy

We believe in making you happy, and we know you have made the best decision to have your surgery at Smooth and Simple. Everything you will experience when you come to see us is about making you happy.

We match you with the best surgeons, and the best private hospitals, and find the best value surgery anywhere.

You will be guided throughout your whole journey with us by our Surgical Team, who will really get to understand you as a person and ensure that your experience is one that is both fulfilling and truly amazing.

Your Consultation

Your consultation with your Surgeon is one that will involve a full and thorough discussion with our vastly experienced Cosmetic Surgeon as well. This detailed consultation is the first step to making you happy by understanding what you are looking to achieve with your surgery and guiding you through how great you will feel when you have the results that you want.

Guest Testimonial

A card cannot really express the depth of gratitude I feel for the way you all took care of me and how you have changed my life for the better with your expertise! I can honestly say that you put me at complete ease throughout & I felt I was in totally safe hands. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have never stopped smiling since I left your clinic!”

Ear Surgery Before and After Pictures

How great you will feel after your ear surgery is individual to you, and to give you some idea we do have many before and after pictures that our Surgical Team use to help you imagine what you will look like.

Otoplasty Cost and Information

At the end of your consultation with your Surgeon, you will be given your tailored price and aftercare plan that is put together to set you on the right path on your journey to feeling happy and fantastic.

This plan details everything we will do to make sure that your experience is truly unforgettable, and you will have the biggest say in how we do that… the journey is yours.

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Your happiness is so important to us at Smooth and Simple. We will help you throughout every step of your journey. This is before, during and after your surgery, find out more about your journey.