Treatment For Wrinkled Hands

Plump Your Hands & Turn Back Time

You hands can often be a dead giveaway of your age. You may have spent hundreds on facial creams, and even treatments, but your hands often get neglected. They are the work-horse and are always on show. They are often the first place to get sun damage.

The treatment for wrinkled hands involves injecting dermal fillers into the back of the hands to plump them up and make them look less wrinkly and more youthful.

The treatment is painless, and you can see results instantly, so there is no waiting for improvements, just pure results that last.

Proven Treatments, Great Results

There are many dermal fillers out on the market today, and we undertake to offer only the best dermal fillers for specific problems, which is why we are not tied to a particular product or manufacturer.

Our experienced injector hand picks the products only after extensive research and trials.

Dermal Fillers with us

  • Our Guests keep coming back to us because of the trusted advice and great results
  • We use only the safest and most reliable fillers
  • Very competitive prices for treatments

Our Dermal Filler Treatment For Wrinkled Hands Range…

We use safe, proven dermal fillers. There are so many on the market, but we make sure they meet the Gold Standard for Dermal Fillers… all of the fillers we use have been on the market for many years and we have injected them many times. This makes sure the products are safe for you so you don’t have to worry about anything else and concentrate on getting great results

Restyle Lasting up to 9 Months Radiesse Lasting up to 18 Months

Restyle from


Multiple Vial Discounts Available

Radiesse from


Multiple Vial Discounts Available

Top Ups Always Included With Dermal Fillers

We always include a top up with dermal filler treatments because you get a great opportunity to fine tune and tweak your result. Our Surgeon gives you approaching 85-90% of the final result and you get to live with the result for a couple of weeks. We then invite you back to finish the treatment where you will have a much better idea of exactly where you want the top up injection to be…. according to your needs!

Our Guests say it’s the best filler experience they’ve ever had!


The Best Fillers

The different types of dermal fillers are categorised by how long they last, the actual chemical make up of the product and their application. Some are good as wrinkle fillers, some are excellent as lip injections to give fuller lips, some are great for the body like the back of the hands.

If any of our Dermal fillers or anti ageing treatments are of interest to you, or indeed you need some practical advice, please feel free to contact us on 0161 711 0022, or contact us. We would be delighted to help.

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Your Journey at Smooth and Simple

Your happiness is so important to us at Smooth and Simple. We will help you throughout every step of your journey. This is before, during and after your treatment, find out more about your journey.

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