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Laser hair removal science using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

What does it do?

A long-term reduction in the number of follicles capable of actively producing unwanted hair. Some regrowth is possible if dormant follicales are activated by hormonal changes

Is it for me?

Suitable for males and females of any age, skin type or skin colour looking to achieve long term reduction in the amount of unwanted hair.

The treatment is not suitable if you have grey hair. Red hair does not normally respond to IPL/Laser treatment although in some circumstances a measure of hair reduction is obtained after prolonged treatment.

How does it work?

Hair is removed by a series of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments that heat the hair follicles and makes the root incapable of further hair growth. It is only possible to disable the follicle root if the hair is in the ‘growth stage’. Hair will be in one of three stages; growth, dormant or dead.

IPL is the very latest treatment for hair removal. IPL uses specific wavelengths of light that are the optimum for absorption by the melanin in hair yet at the same time minimizing the trauma to the skin. IPL differs from laser by being able to deliver greater energies at optimum wavelengths while causing less damage to the skin. These qualities make IPL more effective and safer than laser. Unlike laser treatments IPL is excellent for hair removal on darker skins.

The area to be treated is covered in a special optical gel. The gel will keep the area cool while enabling the transmission of light into the skin. A light applicator is pressed against the skin and a short pulse of high-energy light is emitted treating all hair follicles in an area of 5cm2. The applicator is then moved to an adjacent area and the process is repeated until all the hair follicles have been treated.

Most clients find the treatment quite comfortable. When the light is emitted there is a sensation of a hot pinprick. IPL is the safest and most comfortable way of removing hair quickly.

After treatment it may take between 7 to 14 days for the hair to fall out.

Unwanted hairs explained

We are all born with a covering of very fine hairs, known as vellus hairs. These hairs are often only visible with a magnifying glass, but each and every one of us has them, regardless of sex, ethnicity or age.

As we grow a little older we have a little body clock that instructs the hairs on our head and our eyebrows to thicken, pigment and grow longer. This makes our hairs visible and it is how we remain until the onset of puberty.
At puberty we release hormones, especially testosterone, into our body and this hormone acts as a trigger for more vellus hairs to pigment, pigment and grow longer. These hairs typically occur in the pubic area, under our arms and on our face. They are a natural and very healthy consequence of growing older and our desire to remove them is a consequence of nothing more compelling than custom and fashion.

As we grow older this effect will spread to other parts of the body. For females the effect can be triggered by hormonal fluctuations such as experienced during pregnancy or the menopause.

This is all very normal and is the sign of a healthy body.

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Why we can’t treat redheads

Light based hair removal treatments work because some types of melanin will absorb the energy from certain frequencies or colours of light, and when this happens the absorbed energy will heat up the melanin. If the melanin heats up beyond a certain temperature, typically 70o Centigrade, some living cells are likely to be killed or denatured, a process called necrosis. When a successful hair removal treatment is performed the melanin in the root of the hair is heated to 70o C which kills the root, stopping it from producing more hairs.

We get our skin and hair colour from two types of melanin in our body; eumelanin and phaeomelanin. Phaeomelanin has a pink colour and is found predominantly in the skin of lighter skinned people, whereas eumelanin has a darker colour and is found in the skin of darker skinned people. Red hair gets its colour from phaeomelanin. All people have both types of melanin but the balance or predominance of one type of melanin over the other will determine our skin and hair colour. Some parts of the body however, such as the lips, normally get their colour from phaeomelanin, which explains why most people regardless of ethnicity or skin colour will have pink lips.

The two types of melanin have significantly different properties and this has an absolute effect on the effectiveness on any light-based hair removal treatment. Phaeomelanin will not change colour when exposed to Ultra Violet radiation which is why redheads burn rather than tan when exposed to sunlight. Phaeomelanin, the dominant pigment in red hair, also does not absorb light and convert it into heat, unlike eumelanin, the dominant pigment in black or brown hair, which is why IPL/Laser therapy is ineffective as a method of hair removal for people with red hair but works well for people with brown or black hair.

Women are more likely than men to get their skin colour from phaeomelanin, which to certain extent explains why they are sometimes referred to as the fairer sex and on the other hand men tend to have darker skin and hair.

Why the condition of the skin affects IPL/Laser hair removal treatments

IPL/Laser hair removal treatments work because it is possible to heat hair follicles faster than skin which enables the skin to remain relatively cool while the hair root is raised to a temperature where it is killed, or denatured.

A high moisture content is one of the prime indicators of good skin. Skin that has a high moisture content will cool faster than a dehydrated skin, consequently a moisture-rich skin will feel less discomfort and enjoy a lower risk of burning than a moisture-poor skin.

Because of this effect we know that by helping you to have a good skin you will have a safer, more comfortable and effective treatment. Smooth and Simple provide skin analysis to all our hair removal clients to help them enjoy a good skin.

Large Head = Better Treatments

We use a system that comes with a unique 22cm applicator head, so we can cover a bigger areas with a single shot.

That’s good because you get much less discomfort during treatment (IPL is much better for treatment discomfort anyway and this makes the treatment far more tolerable), and your treatments are shorter, so you can get back to your normal schedule sooner rather that being in for hours of treatment.

Why Skin Analysis

The most accurate way to ascertain the condition of your skin is to have a professional skin analysis.
Our professional skin analysis looks at all the major indicators of skin condition, especially:

  • Sun Damage – pigmentation
  • Moisture levels
  • Acidity

The moisture content of your skin is completely dependent on the condition of the skin, especially the quality of the outer layer of the skin called the epidermis. The epidermis acts as a two-way barrier, it keeps the environment out and keeps the moisture in. A naturally well moisturized skin depends on this outer layer working as an efficient barrier.

It is possible to test the effectiveness of the outer layer of the skin by measuring its acidity. A good skin should be slightly acidic on the surface with a pH level of less than 6pH.

The moisture levels of your skin are ascertained in two ways. The first is to inspect your skin using minute levels of UV light. This will quickly indicate the areas of your skin that are dehydrated. The next process is to test the skin with an electronic moisture meter which will give us an accurate measurement of the moisture content of your skin. The ideal moisture content for skin is about 35%.

The inspection of your skin using UV light will also indicate sun damage and bacterial infections.
The results of the analysis will show us not only what aspects of your skin we need to improve but also what we need to do to achieve the improvements.

How It Works

  • 1 Credit = 1 Session for 1 Area

  • Decide how many areas you want and how many sessions (you can always add more credits later)

  • 1 Credit gives you max 15 minutes treatment time, more than enough for any single area

  • Buy your credits and give us a call to book your treatment in

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Laser Hair Removal Prices Using The Credit System

Professional treatments at salon prices!

Areas are: Beard, Bikini Complete, Bikini Extended, Bikini Line, Buttocks, Centre Brow, Cheeks, Chest, Chin, Eyebrows, Feet, Forehead, Half Arms, Hands, Jawline, Lower Back, Lower Legs, Navel to Pubis, Neck, Shoulders, Stomach, Under Arms, Upper Back, Upper Legs, Upper Lip

6 Sessions for £162

8 Sessions for £216

10 Sessions for £270

6 Sessions for £300

8 Sessions for £400

10 Sessions for £460

6 Sessions for £414

8 Sessions for £483

10 Sessions for £570

6 Sessions for £504

8 Sessions for £608

10 Sessions for £760

6 Sessions for £570

8 Sessions for £760

10 Sessions for £950

6 Sessions for £684

8 Sessions for £912

10 Sessions for £1140

Single Treatment Areas

All 1 Credit

For 1 TreatmentBeard
Bikini Complete
Bikini Extended
Bikini Line
Centre Brow
Half Arms
Lower Back
Lower Legs
Navel to Pubis
Under Arms
Upper Back
Upper Legs
Upper Lip

Choose you number of credits

For Example: If you want Bikini Line + Under Arms + Upper Lip = 3 credits per session x course of 6 sessions = 18 Credits @ £414 total price


If you want Chest + Stomach = 2 Credits per session x course of 6 sessions = 12 Credits @ £300 total price