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Our expert can perform Advanced anti-wrinkle injections Treatments not available at other clinics.

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What are Advanced Botulinum Toxin Treatments?

Botulinum Toxin can be used to relax muscles and tissue in even more places in the right hands and can give incredible lasting results.

Our Expert has years of experience in injecting toxin in the neck, around the mouth, to provide relief from excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis), relief from migraines, and to lift the lower eyes, among others.

Advanced Botulinum Toxin Treatments Explained

Injections under your lower eyelids can relax the muscles that cause creases and give you a tired look. Subtlety is the key to a good result and you will notice that lines that appear when you laugh and smile are reduced and when resting, they are almost invisible
Get a gentle non surgical brow loft with precise placement of injections to subtly lift your eye brows. It can open up the eye area without ever needing any cutting or scars
“Smoker’s Lines” around the mouth can be softened and in some cases almost completely removed, especially when combined with lip fillers. The treatment helps reduce vertical lines when you pout or smile and your natural collagen production helps fill the area too
Wrinkles and lines in the neck can be smoothed with injections that restore a more youthful appearance to your neck. These vertical lines that appear just below the chin are called platysmal bands, and they can be flattened to give a natural looking lifting effect
Bunny Lines are where you get those diagonal lines that are on the side of your nose when you smile or laugh. By injecting into these lines, you can reduce creases that can spread out to the lower eye lids
Injections can be used to provide help reduce migraine symptoms when injected in the right areas 

Advanced Botulinum Treatments with us

  • Advanced treatments are carried out to give specific results in areas others don’t inject
  • Advanced treatments always include a top up
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Watch Our Guide To Botox Video

Watch Our Guide To Botox Video


Your First Steps With Advanced Treatments…

If you’re looking to have one of our advanced Botulinum Toxin treatments, your first port of call is to Contact Us so we can discuss your treatment requirements and options with you fully.

We then arrange a consultation with our Expert, before proceeding to treatment when you are ready.

If you’ve had these treatments before, either with us or elsewhere, then click the “Book Now” button above and make your booking.

All fees are subject to a complete consultation with our Expert and are refundable if you aren’t suitable or change your mind.

Advanced Botulinum Toxin Treatments Prices

Gentle Brow Lift



Mouth or Under Eyes


Neck or Bunny Lines




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We offer a completely no-hassle service that is designed to get you smoother, sooner! From our easy to complete consents, to our painless injection protocol, and even easy live online scheduling, the service is built around you.

From Our Guests

Please let Dr know how pleased I am with my treatment – the improvements to my neck are excellent!AW

*results may vary from person to person

Our Surgeon

Has been injecting for decades and carries out all injections including advanced treatments such as advanced anti-wrinkle injections, Non Surgical Nose Reshaping, Under Eye Fillers. He also carries out advanced skin peels and derma roller treatments. His specialities are the Non Surgical Nose Job and Dermal Fillers

35 Years

Our Nurse

Carries out all injections including anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers, as well as derma roller treatments and skin peels. She also advises on skin care and non invasive treatments such as facial skin tightening and skin rejuvenation. Her specialities are anti-wrinkle injections and Lip Fillers

16 years

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Cost and information

Advanced Botulinum Toxin Treatment Prices are; Brow Lift at £199, around the mouth or Under Eyes costs £299, neck or bunny lines for £349, and migraine for £399. 

To get these amazing prices for Surgeon administered injections, you will need a consultation first if you haven’t had injections before, which costs £10 and can be booked online immediately. This £10 fee is deducted from your treatment when you go ahead.

After your consultation, and once it is decided how much product is needed, your injections will be ordered on prescription by the injector and your treatment booked.

If you’re adding advanced areas to your traditional 3 areas of Botulinum Toxin then it’s just an additional £99 for each advanced area including a top up for that advanced area.

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