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Feeling like you’ve fallen out of love with your body is a terrible feeling. You don’t want to face the world, and it seems like everyone is looking at you. We can help you take back your confidence and enjoy your holidays or days at the beach again.

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£99 a month Stretch Mark Removal

£99 a month Stretch Mark Removal Video

Effective Stretch Mark Removal

The journey towards being free from stretch marks and being happy and confident in your own skin is one that we want to take with you.

Our extensive range of proven and effective Stretch Mark Removal treatments, along with our treatment regime developed over 20 years by our Cosmetic Surgeon, will make that whole journey together easy and end with a happy and confident you.

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*results may vary from person to person

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are caused by stretching of the dermis either during rapid increases/decreases of weight, such as pregnancy stretch marks, or due to hormonal changes during puberty that lead to rapid growth, or the growth spurt.

When the dermis stretches so rapidly, the collagen layers, which normally support the skin and give it the elasticity, become stretched too, and this leads to slight discolouration of the skin, as well as a slightly pitted texture. This is because the body has not been able to repair the skin adequately in that area.

Stretch mark removal, therefore, requires a deep understanding of the structure of the skin, so that you can get a visible result, which improves will give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

The Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL is our main tool to reduce the redness of your stretch marks. By treating the blood vessels in the stretch marks, we restrict the blood flow and so reduce the redness. This is ideal for fresh stretch marks, and works by preventing further formation of the stretch mark.


Microdermabraison is the treatment of choice to ever out the rough texture of stretch marks. Once you have smooth skin, you do often notice that your stretch marks appear reduced, and the skin looks healthy and shiny again.

Skin Peels

Skin peels help to produce new skin cells that don’t have the memory of a stretch mark. So they are plump, free from pigmentation and even. Skin peels make you turn over your skin quicker so these fresh skin cells end up at the surface sooner.


Dermaroller stimulates collagen production so you fill out deep stretch marks and nourish the skin cells from within. Dermaroller also evens out the collagen layer so that the uneven texture is improved and that gives you a reduced appearance of the stretch mark. We use therapist grade derma rollers for £99 plans, but for deeper/large areas of stretch marks, the £199 plan allows you to have Surgeon grade derma rollers, or treatment on the whole large area.

Which Treatments Will I have?

We pick the right treatment at the right time as your stretch marks improve. You will have a combination of the 4 treatments (IPL, Microdermabrasion, Skin Peels or Dermaroller) and have a treatment every 2 weeks until you are happy with how your stretch marks look.

Our Aesthetic Therapist

Is here to get your skin as smooth and it can be.She is dedicated to using her experience to find the right solution for you. She does microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, laser treatments, facial skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, acne & stretch mark treatments and UV skin analysis. You will notice that she has so much more knowledge than identi-kit therapists in other clinics

12 Years

A Great Review…

Smooth and simple is so good! Iv been getting my stretch marks treated and after 2 treatments I’m already seeing a bigger difference than I expected and all the staff are lovely.

Posted by Tasha Paterson on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

*results may vary from person to person

Stretch Mark Removal Prices

For Deep/Large Areas of Stretch Marks


Per MonthUse of Derma Roller & Skin Peels with 2 Treatments per month on the whole large area

Add a Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Session to Any Monthly Plan

The Radio Frequency skin tightening treatment is designed to lift and tighten sagging skin, and in some cases this extra step is what you need to help reduce the stretch marks

Which Stretch Mark Removal Plan Is Suitable For Me?

Over 85% off Guests fit into the £99/month plan, but occasionally the stretch marks are deeper and harder to shift or over a large area. They require deeper and longer treatments.

At your consultation with our Aesthetic Therapist, you will get more information about which plan is most suited to your particular stretch marks

Why Can’t I Have a Course?

Every stretch mark is as unique as you. So while we can advise on an estimated number of treatments, until we start treatments, it’s difficult for us to provide a solid estimate. The “see-how-it-goes” approach is one we think is fairest. You should see improvements within 2 treatments, and in some cases 2 is enough. In some cases, there may be more required, but you will know how your are progressing and you can stop at any stage you are happy with the overall look of your stretch marks. No unnecessary treatments or money!

No minimum term commitments

What Do I Save With The £99/Month Plan?

If you were to have courses of each of our single treatments you could expect to pay

£99 per IPL treatment

£55/109/199 for single/3/6 Microdermabrasion treatments

£55/109/199 for single/3/6 Mandelic skin peels

£349 for a course of 2 Large Area Dermaroller treatments

The plan means you save money and you’re not stuck with a course of treatments, we can change your treatments to suit your improving stretch marks

Why Smooth and Simple?

We have developed a unique process for Stretch Mark Removal over years of listening to our Guests and working out how best to give long lasting results. The over-riding thing we noticed was that 1 treatment was never enough and meant that Guests were unhappy. Equally, committing to a course of more treatments than necessary wasn’t what we wanted either. So our process means we react to your stretch marks and choose the right treatment at the right time.

We Carry on with this treatment process until you are happy, rather than asking you to commit beyond what we feel is necessary for your skin AND your wallet. All this is for only £99/month

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