Direct Debit Options

Treatment Direct Debit Plans

Dermal Fillers & Filler Based Treatments

TreatmentDepositMonthly PaymentNumber of Months
9 Month Fillers 1ml175296
18 Month Fillers 1ml249.50396
Under Eye Fillers (Tear Trough)374.50636
Restylane Skin Boosters374.50636
Juvederm/Teosyal Kiss Lip Filler 1ml149.50256
Juvederm/Teosyal Kiss Lip Filler 2ml239.50396
Non Surgical Nose Reshaping Lasting 9 Months229.50396
Non Surgical Nose Reshaping Lasting 18 Months329.50556
Non Surgical Nose Reshaping Lasting 2 Years374.50636
Non Surgical Face Lift Lasting 9 Months424.50716
Non Surgical Face Lift Lasting 18 Months524.50896
Non Surgical Face Lift Lasting 2 Years624.501056

Skin Peels

Number of PeelsDepositMonthly PaymentNumber of Months
3 Peels274.50913
6 Peels424.5716

Derma Roller

Number of TreatmentsDepositMonthly PaymentNumber of Months
2 Sessions199.50992
3 Sessions249.50843
6 Sessions424.50716

For Botox Monthly Plans… Just Click the Button

Botox Monthly Plans

You pay your deposit for your treatment when you make your booking and then pay the rest off over the set number of months

Direct Debits Cost a maximum of £50 more than the full cost of treatment

For Botox Direct Debits – Click Here

We don’t need you to bring anything. We will send you a link for the direct debit plan where you enter your bank details.

We will ask you to sign your direct debit agreement on your first appointment

We take payments on 10th and 20th of each month, so you can choose which is more convenient
The first payment comes out on the 10th or the 20th of the month following your initial treatment
You can pay a fresh deposit and start your plan again

Or if you want regular treatment, we can put a bespoke plan together to cover the deposit for your next treatment

Absolutely, we can put plans together for multiple treatments and also to cover future deposits
We will attempt to take the payment again a couple of days later.

If that bounces, we will call you for a catch up payment

If we are unable to do that, we will have to cancel the agreement and charge a cancellation fee of £20 plus deliver a dated invoice for the amount outstanding

You can cancel at any time. A £20 cancellation fee will be added to your outstanding amount and a dated invoice sent for the payment of the outstanding amount