Skin Peels For Dark Skin Types

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skin peels for dark skin types

Removing Dark and Uneven Pigmentation

People of all skin types can get dark and uneven pigmentation. You can get it from acne, or scars, or sun damage, or it can be a completely random thing.

If you look around, most solutions are very much based on light skin types, including skin peels and laser treatments. Even some skin care is tailored towards lighter skin types.

Pigmentation is something you have to treat, it won’t go away on its own, so what do you do?

Treatment Issues

The main reason you’ll find out (with a little probing) is that the risk of giving you a burn is greater if you have darker skin.

If the temperature from the laser, or the chemical from the skin peel or skin care gets to high or strong, that’s when you can get a burn.

Burns go one of 2 ways; you either get a dark patch (treatable) or a light patch (difficult to treat)

So the risk of giving you a lighter patch of skin that is difficult to treat, is just way to high to take on for many clinics and practitioners

Skin Peels For Dark Skin Types

Just because you have dark skin, doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist, so we set about finding a solution.

Lasers will never be a safe method, so that got ruled out straight away.

That really left us with skin peels and skin care, and when we found the solution, it made perfect sense.

The balance we found was something that evened out patches without lightening your skin overall.

We researched a skin peel that was used widely in Polynesia and matched a simple skin cleanser with it to get a great, easy treatment protocol that gives great results and NONE of the downside

Skin Peels For Dark Skin Types – What We Do

  • Skin Cleanser Containing Mandelic Acid

    You take home a skin cleanser containing a blend of mild skin exfoliators. This is used 2 weeks before & in between treatments. It’s like doing mini treatments at home

  • Mandelic Skin Peels By A Doctor

    We have a special blend of mandelic acid strengths that we use on your skin for varying lengths of time to give the best results

  • Have a Treatment Every 4 Weeks

    This is within your skin renewal cycle, and we found this to be the best frequency to give the best results



  • Perfect for a trial or maintenance

3 Sessions


  • For mild cases

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