LED Mask Skin Rejuvenation

As Seen On TV, and a celebs favourite, you can now have an LED Mask treatment with us.

The latest LED technology can rejuvenate, nourish, and disinfect your skin in a mild and relaxing treatment lasting 45 minutes

The LED Mask Treatment

  • Cleanse

    Your skin is cleansed with a quick microdermabrasion to get rid of surface dead skin cells

  • LED Treatment

    15 Minutes of Relaxing LED light treatment can either stimulate collagen, rejuvenate your skin, or provide anti-bacterial benefits

  • Galvanic Treatment

    With a hydrogel mask to push intense moisture into your skin and tone your face

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LED Mask Treatment Benefits

  • Combat Premature Ageing
  • Replenish and Rejuvenate your Skin
  • Speed Up Skin Healing
  • Stimulate Collagen Production
  • Anti-Bacterial if you have Acne
  • Stabilise Oil Production
  • Soothe Inflammation

LED Mask Prices

You can book single sessions, or a course and have regular treatments – with NO Deposit

You can even book a course and bank the treatments for any time you wish to use them


3 Sessions Most Popular!

6 Sessions

LED Mask Treatment Stages

Here’s what you can expect during your 45 minute LED Mask Treatment


Microdermabrasion cleanses your skin and removes surface dead skin cells. This means the LED light and hydrogel mask can penetrate deeper and be more effective

LED Light

Dozens of small LED lights are used to provide different therapeutic benefits such as collagen stimulation, anti-bacterial, or skin rejuvenation. The mask sits comfortably on your face and the treatment is very relaxing, letting your drift off while your skin gets to work

Galvanic Treatment

A hydrogel mask is then applied and the mask put back on. Electric micro-currents then help your pores open and the intense hydration reaches deeper than ever before to leave you with amazing soft skin

LED Treatment Pictures

The first picture is of the LED treatment

The second picture is the hydrogel mask being applied

The last picture is the Galvanic treatment

  • LED Mask Treatment at Smooth and Simple
  • LED Mask Treatment at Smooth and Simple
  • LED Mask Treatment at Smooth and Simple

What’s The Fuss?

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What Next?

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